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Recyclers Day at Emory Point

Recycling, Radio, and a Tiny House at Emory Point’s Recyclers Day

This Friday, April 22nd, is Earth Day around the world and Recyclers Day at Emory Point!

And a very special day it is, too, because our Recyclers Day is about recycling and so much more.

So let’s start with the biggie.

A tiny house!

That’s right. Tiny House Atlanta is bringing a tiny house to Emory Point!

And not just any tiny house, either, but one that is featured in the current season of the hit TV show, Tiny House Nation!

(See? It’s true. Big things do come in small packages, like being on national television with your tiny house in Atlanta!)

This particular tiny house is proof positive that you can live large in a tiny house, and have it serve as a pop-up shop, too!

Part of living large, whether in a tricked-out tiny house or a Gables Emory Point luxury apartment, is having your space be clutter-free.

    Update 04/22/2016: Tiny houses can be a big job sometimes. Like today. Due to transportation difficulties, the one for the event is unable to make the journey. 🙁 Stay tuned for a special announcement coming soon.

So the good folks at ITAD Technologies are coming to Emory Point to help you clear that clutter by picking it up. Specifically, your no-longer-used laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets, devices, and equipment. (See below for the full list.)

And if you’re one of the first 100 people to drop off any of the accepted electronic recyclables at the ITAD truck, which will be by the park at Emory Point, you get a gift bag with a $20 gift card! It’s our way of saying “Thanks!” for helping us to make the planet a better and healthier place for everyone.

ITAD recyclables list

And bringing the music to Recyclers Day at Emory Point is radio station Q100, whose very own Johnny O will be here. Let him entertain you!

It all happens by the park at Emory Point this Friday, April 22nd, from 11 AM – 3 PM.

See you there!